Don’t Fence Me In

What to know: Did you know Texas parents can request to send their children to a nearby public school district, even if they don’t live within its boundaries?

The TPPF take: We need to fix the transportation component of this. And that’s what Senate Bill 204 would do. That bill is up for a committee hearing today.

“Transportation can cause additional barriers to students who wish to consider transferring schools or districts,” says TPPF’s Emily Sass. “For families who have limited or perhaps unsafe means of transportation, a few miles can become a significant barrier. The state can provide waivers in some cases, but we need a simple fix that clarifies that districts can provide transportation outside their boundaries to students who transfer in.”

For more on school district boundaries, watch this recent livestream event.

Bad Legislation Advances

What to know: The U.S. Senate will now consider H.R. 1, a massive federal takeover of state election systems.

The TPPF take: H.R. 1 is unconstitutional.

Last summer and fall, I was appalled about how the widespread increase of reckless practices across the country, which led directly to the crisis of confidence that now plagues our election system,” writes Texas Congressman Chip Roy in a guest piece for The Cannon Online. “But instead of working to restore the public’s trust in the ballot box, Democrats are seizing upon the opportunity to concentrate power in Washington. Under the guise of fixing the election system, they’re seeking to fix election outcomes—permanently.”

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On a Related Note

What to know: Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner is now claiming “We don’t have voter fraud in Texas…”

The TPPF take: We do have voter fraud in Texas—hundreds of cases have been prosecuted in recent years.

“Mayor Turner may say We don’t have voter fraud in Texas…’ but he can’t truly believe it doesn’t exist,” says TPPF’s Roy Maynard. “Every instance of fraud steals the voice of a legitimate Texas voter. Let’s stop denying reality, and let’s start talking about how to make Texas elections free, fair and secure.”

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