Empowering Parents in Austin

What to know: Lawmakers are back in Austin for another special session, this one focused on empowering parents with school choice.

The TPPF take: Empowering parents to make the key decisions on their children’s educations benefits everyone involved.

“Once parents are empowered with real choices, schools respond with new programs, improved curriculum, and a renewed focus on the quality of the education they are providing students,” says TPPF’s Mandy Drogin. “School choice is the catalyst that encourages everyone to become better and more efficient.”

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An Ill Wind

What to know: Offshore wind projects around the globe are facing turbulence as government subsidies dry up.

The TPPF take: Big plans for big offshore wind farms are hitting some rough seas, even in the waters off Texas.

“The expansion of offshore wind farms pours funds into the construction of an energy source that is unable to compete against the efficiency and energy density of fossil fuels,” says TPPF’s Aliyah Formont. “Government favors for wind and solar have real-world costs—to both taxpayers and ratepayers.”

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Housing Prices

What to know: Finally noticing their affordability crises, big cities such as Austin and Dallas are looking for ways to encourage more housing development.

The TPPF take: If local governments want to encourage housing development, they should get out of the way.

“In typical laissez-faire capitalism, the market would react in a way for supply to meet demand and prices would stabilize,” says TPPF’s John Bonura. “However, governments oftentimes get in the way of this principle through the policymaking process. But even they will, on occasion, see the error of their ways.”

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