Empty Shelves

What to Know: A Texas lawmaker and former HHS official says Biden’s food and drug laws aren’t putting Americans first.

The TPPF Take: It’s another example of unelected bureaucrats creating and enforcing law with no oversight or accountability.

“The president seems determined to completely bypass Congress and just rule by executive fiat,” says TPPF’s John Hostettler. “It’s not just an abuse of power, but the results are hurting families across the country.”

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Bad Docs

What to Know: Americans support making it illegal for health care personnel to provide minors with gender transitioning medical treatment.

The TPPF Take: There is no conclusive evidence that these procedures actually help children who are struggling with their gender identity.

“Emerging research shows that the use of these puberty blockers and hormones in children carry significant risks and long-term side effects,” says TPPF’s Andrew Brown. “The United States should take to heart the lessons learned by countries like Finland and Sweden and prioritize proven alternatives like professional mental health counseling to help young boys and girls cope with their feelings of dysphoria, anxiety, and depression rather than pushing the false promise that a magic pill will make everything better.”

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Hope for Help

What to Know: Legislation is moving that should help reduce the rising cost of prescription drugs.

The TPPF Take: It’s time to cut out the middlemen driving up drug prices.

“Pharmacy Benefit Managers claim the negotiated rebates result in lower premiums and savings for patients,” says TPPF’s David Balat. “Here’s the problem: It’s not true. In Texas, the data show that over 99% of the rebate is retained by the PBMs and insurance companies. The PBMs spread out roughly $10 million to enrollees, while they and the insurers pocketed over $2.2 billion.”

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