Gale-Force Headwinds

What to know: Danish wind energy firm Ørsted remains “committed” to developing offshore wind farms in U.S. waters, the White House says, despite the company having canceled two projects in recent weeks.

The TPPF take: President Joe Biden’s green agenda calls for far more offshore wind facilities, despite their unproven record on safety to humans, wildlife and the environment, and even despite the clear evidence of their economic unviability.

“The political pressure to implement offshore wind has been intense,” says TPPF’s Robert Henneke. “The Interior Department’s ‘Smart from the Start’ program fast-tracks offshore wind development, improperly granting permissions allowing foreign-owned energy companies to move forward despite the harms to our safety, our domestic industries and our environment.”

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Supply, Not Demand

What to know: A new report by the New York Times shows the Biden administration’s 2022 climate law boosted the production of electric vehicles—but did nothing to boost sales.

The TPPF take: The federal government is already propping up the EV industry with subsidies that serve to hide the real costs (as well as lack of demand). TPPF’s new study shows how much of those costs are being tucked into your tax bill, your electric bill, and the price of your gasoline vehicle.

“Proponents of EVs have falsely pushed the claim that EVs will soon cost less than gas-powered cars. This study shows that EVs are still a long way from being competitive without massive subsidies,” says TPPF’s Brent Bennett. “The Biden administration’s stringent fuel economy standards and regulatory manipulations are driving American automakers toward bankruptcy and adding thousands of dollars to the cost of every gasoline vehicle.”

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What to know: A White House spokesperson says President Biden has “done everything” to fix the border crisis—except enforce U.S. laws.

The TPPF take: The border is wide open, and it’s entirely due to inaction from the White House.

“The challenges at the border today are especially evident, with record-breaking numbers showing that fiscal year 2023 was the worst year ever at the border,” TPPF’s Melissa Ford testified before a Texas House committee recently. “Last month, encounters between ports of entry at the southern border surpassed 218,000. For the year, it surpassed 2 million. Among them were 169 individuals on the terrorist watch list.”

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