Hardest Hit

What to know: A new report says that 82% of Americans say that inflation is their biggest source of financial stress, according to a new report. Only 14% say they’re better off financially under President Joe Biden.

The TPPF take: Government controls the quantity of money. They are to blame.

“Washington D.C.’s reckless monetary schemes have pushed many families to the brink. They have unleashed a stealth tax of the worst kind,” said TPPF’s James Quintero. “We need an abrupt return to sound money and good policy. Without these two ingredients, the national economy will not flourish.”

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Hamas Propaganda

What to know: Why are young people falling for Hamas’ propaganda? Because of identity politics, which portrays Hamas as the oppressed, and Jews as the oppressors.

The TPPF take: Hamas has used the media masterfully to advance its agenda—and its lies.

“The deaths of Palestinian civilians in Gaza aren’t collateral damage in this war—they are the strategic feature,” says TPPF’s Sherry Sylvester. “The higher the body count, the more effective Hamas can be in pushing the narrative that civilians are the victims of Israeli aggression—even though Hamas started the war. That’s why Hamas has embedded its military operations in hospitals, schools and mosques.”

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The Whole Truth

What to know: Texas’ State Board of Education has approved new science textbooks; much of the media coverage has focused on climate change.

The TPPF take: The SBOE is simply requiring textbook publishers to provide a fair and balanced look at energy issues.

“Fossil fuels are not evil—despite what the mainstream media says—and we don’t need to be teaching impressionable minds that they are,” says Texas Railroad Commissioner Wayne Christian, writing for The Cannon Online. “It’s not fair and balanced to blame oil and gas for climate change without also telling the truth about the real benefits human society receives from them.”

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