Immigration Mistakes

What to Know: A federal judge has blocked a Biden administration order that instructed the border patrol to use its “discretion” to reduce the deportations of illegal immigrants.

The TPPF Take: TPPF’s Border Security Coalition has outlined a set of policies to counter these Biden blunders.

“We fully expect the American people to repudiate these reckless policies at the voting booths this November and give Congress a mandate once and for all to get the country’s border security right—before any other step is taken on immigration,” says TPPF’s Ken Oliver. “The steps outlined in this agenda provide the roadmap for doing just that.”

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That’s Not How This Works

What to Know: What is causing inflation? According to Yahoo News, it’s you—your grumpy attitude: “consumers’ bad mood and increasing lack of faith in the economy…”

The TPPF Take: No, the looming recession (which has probably already started, we’ll soon discover) is due to bad economic policies, not a bad mood.

“Rather than directly addressing the crisis, Biden has consistently deflected the issue by first doubting the reality of inflation to now falsely blaming it on corporate greed or Russian President Vladimir Putin. But the causes and consequences fall at his feet,” TPPF’s Vance Ginn says. “It’s time to return to the proven, pro-growth policies that worked during the Trump administration, along with an essential missing factor then of spending restraint by Congress. Doing so will provide a solid foundation for more opportunities to let people prosper.”

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Giving Away Your Money

What to Know: The city of Austin will soon launch a “universal basic income” pilot program to give away your tax dollars, with no strings attached.

The TPPF Take: This is an illegal use of tax dollars—and it’s not the kind of help that really helps.

“Job opportunities and reducing the local property tax burden (which will improve housing affordability) are real solutions to poverty and its symptoms (such as housing instability),” says TPPF’s Robert Henneke. “They’re a far more effective investment of public funds than a no-strings-attached check sent to the lucky UBI winners.”

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