Indoctrination Centers

What to Know: In an appearance on Fox News, TPPF’s Carol Swain says that the cult of wokeness has turned America’s colleges and universities into “indoctrination centers.”

The TPPF Take: The leftists have largely succeeded, at least in our colleges. And that has big implications.

“The university is over. The university is not a marketplace for ideas. It is an indoctrination center,” Carol Swain told “Fox & Friends. “”And the teachers who have come out of the university system, they have come out woke. And if they have a degree in teaching education, their mission is to indoctrinate your children.”

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Crisis at the Border

What to Know: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is ramping up Operation Lone Star in preparation for the expected migrant caravans in coming weeks—which could be some of the largest in history.

The TPPF Take: Since the federal government is standing down at the border, Texas must be ready.

“The vast number of migrants from all over the world headed on a daily basis upward through Mexico to our border is very quickly putting to the test the effectiveness of the new Texas state border security cooperation agreements with neighboring Mexican states,” says TPPF’s Ken Oliver. “While there are some indications that these agreements are beginning to be put into effect, the proof will be in the actual numbers eventually crossing and accounted for by Texas DPS and U.S. Border Patrol in the days and weeks ahead.”

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That’s Affordable?

What to Know: Building “affordable housing” routinely costs more than $1 million per apartment in California, a new report shows.

The TPPF Take: California’s approach—and costs—could soon be coming to a capitol city near you.

“As Austin’s approach to homelessness continues into be in lockstep with that of California, its ‘permanent housing only’ approach reveals itself to be even more irrational,” says TPPF’s Michele Steeb.

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