Invasion at the Border

What to Know: Governor Abbott has declared an invasion at our southern border.

The TPPF Take: No state should be put in the position Texas has been put through by the federal government’s dereliction of duty.

“As the federal government and the Mexican government continue to fail to properly address the issue of the cartels and the violence, drug smuggling, and human trafficking they bring to Texas’ borders, Texas must use all of the resources it has available to keep Texans safe, including declaring an invasion,” says TPPF’s Greg Sindelar. “TPPF has called for such a declaration for Texas to defend itself fully, and we applaud Gov. Abbott for issuing that declaration today.”

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Some Things We Still Agree On

What to Know: Politics today are polarizing and divisive. Even still, many Texas Republicans and Democrats seem to agree on the need for massive tax relief next session based on pre-filed bills.

The TPPF Take: Right now, legislators of every political stripe are filing bills to deliver big-time tax relief. That’s good news.

“Everyone needs a helping hand right now and, for the time being at least, Texas lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are signaling they will step up. That’s an encouraging development showing that there are some things we still all agree on. Like the need for massive tax relief,” says TPPF’s James Quintero.

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Besieged by a Thousand or More

What to Know: Hit television show “Yellowstone” is back and breaking ratings records. Members of the Dutton family face a new season of defending their ranch—and their way of life.

The TPPF Take: Like the Yellowstone Ranch, the King Ranch in Texas (a model for the show) is also besieged—but here, the threat is from the unsecured border.

“From its founding in 1852, the Texas icon has weathered droughts, wars, booms and busts,” says TPPF’s Ken Oliver. “This new threat, however, is of a different sort entirely. Like most in the Rio Grande Valley, King Ranch workers don’t see migrants as the villains in the piece; they’re victims, too. It’s the ruthless Mexican drug cartels—and the Biden administration’s feckless border policies—that are causing all the trouble.”

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