It’s a God-Given Right

What to know: Gun ownership among Black Americans is soaring, The Hill reports.

The TPPF take: Good.

“While the purpose of the Second Amendment is endlessly litigated on social media, it’s true purpose is clear: to enumerate every citizen’s right and obligation to personal and civil defense,” says TPPF’s Derek Cohen. “More than 800 years of history and countless examples have demonstrated that an armed society is a free society.”

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More Choices

What to know: A new study shows better test results in states with more options for public school students.

The TPPF take: More choices for students—including charter schools—benefit families.

“We must give parents greater control of their child’s education  by increasing access to virtual and hybrid options and protecting charter schools from discrimination by municipalities and counties,” says TPPF’s Emily Sass.

Protecting charter schools from discrimination is part of TPPF’s Liberty Action Agenda. To learn more, click here.

State Taxpayers to Fund La Joya Lobbyists?

What to know: Three years after gaining infamy as Texas’ first school district to build a water park using tax dollars, La Joya ISD is back in the news in a bad way. The district may soon “pay a consultant $15,000 per month for lobbying and communications work.” The contract under consideration would run from April 2021 to March 2022.

The TPPF take: It’s shocking to learn that a school district is considering a six-figure lobby contract. About 75% of La Joya ISD’s FY 2021 budget is funded by state revenues.

“La Joya ISD has so much money that it can afford a taxpayer-funded water park, a money-losing golf course, and a huge $180,000 lobby contract. These are all obvious indications that the district is abusing state taxpayers,” says TPPF’s James Quintero. “State lawmakers must do more to protect state taxpayers from this kind of profligate behavior.”

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