It’s a Heatwave

What to Know: California’s recent heat wave stretched its electric grid to its limits—and that’s before it adds tens of millions of new electric vehicles to the state’s roadways.

The TPPF Take: Even ideology can’t break the laws of physics and economics.

“California has the most mild of climates in the United States, and they’ve largely de-industrialized,” TPPF’s Chuck DeVore told Fox Business last week. “Most of their industry is now in China. Their per-capita energy use is the lowest in the country. If the green energy transition is going to be tough in California, imagine how difficult it will be in places like New York, where you don’t have that solar power in the winter and the wind power isn’t that great, either.”

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Open Enrollment

What to Know: Arizona has become the nation’s leader in parent empowerment, and a cornerstone of its policies is open enrollment in the state’s public schools. A student can apply to any public school in the state.

The TPPF Take: It’s time that Texas catches up on parent empowerment.

“Open enrollment would not only unleash opportunities for families but would also prove popular with voters and build upon other school-choice policies that Texas is considering,” says TPPF’s Emily Sass. “A recent poll conducted by EdChoice and Morning Consult found that 76% of parents overall, 72% of Democrats, and 69% of Republicans support cross-district open enrollment.”

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Climate Stress

What to Know: Some colleges are offering student counseling for the stress they feel about impending climate doom.

The TPPF Take: We’re teaching our young people to fear the future, without showing them the hope that human ingenuity brings.

“Young people can find hope in our efforts to protect our environment, improve our air quality, and increase human flourishing through affordable and reliable energy,” says TPPF’s Syd Lucas. “When countries get access to energy, families come out of poverty, girls go to school, and women across the world save countless hours in household chores and the collection of water.”

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