Largest Property Tax Cut in History

What to know: In in his inaugural speech, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott promised “the largest property tax cut in the history of the state of Texas.”

The TPPF take: Such a property tax cut is long overdue and will help Texans everywhere escape from the sixth-highest rates in the nation.

“This is a once-in-a-generation chance to help people cope with the current cost-of-living crisis and set Texas apart from other tax-and-spend states,” said James Quintero, policy director for TPPF’s Government for the People campaign.

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No Laughing Matter

What to know: President Biden laughed off questions about his alleged mishandling of classified documents, leaving them behind in an office closet and in his garage.

The TPPF take: The Biden Administration might not take this seriously, but the American people will.

“This isn’t just an oops, this isn’t just a paperwork violation, this is a criminal investigation into the mishandling of classified documents and should be taken seriously by the American people, where is clearly not being taken seriously by the Biden Administration or by the White House,” said Robert Henneke, general counsel and executive director for TPPF.

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Learning Loss Revealed

What to know: A newly released study in the National Assessment of Educational Progress revealed that “eighth-grade math fell for every state, with a national average decline of eight NAEP scale score points… [The decline was] enough to erase all of the gains that had occurred since 2000.”

The TPPF take: Despite evidence that school closures cause substantial learning loss, and children do not readily acquire or spread Covid-19, teachers unions across the country kept schools closed and required children to mask.

“The shutdowns weren’t about safety for these unions. It was about more money for DEI and CRT programs as well as other pet projects. No amount of revisionism from Randi Weingarten can erase the losses and the responsibility that unions fully bear for self-aggrandizing policies,” said TPPF Distinguished Senior Fellow for Constitutional Studies Dr. Carol Swain. “They’ve rendered our children pawns in a game: one our innocent youth can never win without strong advocates who will finally declare enough is enough.”

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