License to Drive

What to Know: Renewing a driver’s license can be a big hurdle for those recently released from prison.

The TPPF Take: This is an important issue that is closely linked with recidivism.

“Expired driver’s licenses can be onerous to renew, particularly if they are suspended,” says TPPF’s Anthony Jones. “The formerly incarcerated need employment. However, the employment that would enable payment of debts often requires reliable transportation, which is predicated on a valid driver’s license.”

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Wait, What?

What to Know: Gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke says his response to school shootings such as Uvalde would include expanding Medicaid.

The TPPF Take: As other states have learned, Medicaid expansion is one big broken promise.

“Medicaid doesn’t make people healthier,” notes TPPF’s David Balat. “Expanding Medicaid and crowding out the vulnerable populations inhibits access to care, hurts hospitals, and creates crowded emergency rooms.”

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Gas Prices

What to Know: Record high gas prices are crushing American families

The TPPF Take: Gas prices are skyrocketing, and that’s putting the squeeze on families—needlessly.

“Headlines are awash in news of food and fuel shortages across that world, which are due in large part to the insane policies of the Biden administration that have slowly cut off our ability to prosper,” says TPPF’s Jason Isaac. “In just a few months, we went from being the No. 1 exporter of oil and gas to facing record high gas prices and warnings of shortages across the nation.”

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