Life’s Just Peachy

What to Know: Climate change is an “existential threat,” we’re told, and we must remake society to combat it.

The TPPF Take: It’s not helpful when alarmists exaggerate the threat of climate change. The rest of us are just trying to live our lives, which they’re making more difficult.

“A peach stand I stopped at on Highway 290 teaches a much bigger lesson,” says TPPF’s Syd Lucas. “The left’s climate change activists want to push climate change as the primary issue we should deal with, but the Duecker family farmer shows what really matters to Americans. Every peach we may buy this summer comes from someone’s farm where they fight to protect their livelihoods in the face of rising gas and diesel prices, food inflation, and fertilizer supply and prices.”

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Recession Ahead?

What to Know: Some observers say we may already be entering into an economic recession.

The TPPF Take: Any recession will be the direct result of bad economic policies.

“Rather than directly addressing the crisis, Biden has consistently deflected the issue by first doubting the reality of inflation to now falsely blaming it on corporate greed or Russian President Vladimir Putin. But the causes and consequences fall at his feet,” TPPF’s Vance Ginn says. “It’s time to return to the proven, pro-growth policies that worked during the Trump administration, along with an essential missing factor then of spending restraint by Congress. Doing so will provide a solid foundation for more opportunities to let people prosper.”

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Border Crisis

What to Know: In May, President Biden’s border crisis resulted in the highest number of border arrests every recorded.

The TPPF Take: The Biden administration created this crisis.

“While Americans suffer the consequences of the Biden administration’s dangerous mismanagement of the asylum system, cartels, coyotes, and hostile foreign actors are profiting from it,” says TPPF’s Ken Oliver. “Our southwestern border is being flooded by migrants from over 160 nations who are taking advantage of the administration’s blatant disregard for the laws on the books, which require detention and thorough adjudication before any granting of asylum.”

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