Lighten Up, Roger

What to know: In the New Statesman, Roger Crisp wonders, “Would extinction be so bad?” He cites ongoing “suffering on Earth.”

The TPPF take: We’re worried about you, Roger. Maybe get outside, get some sunshine?

“The fact is, suffering on Planet Earth is rapidly decreasing,” says TPPF’s Katie Tahuahua. “Infant mortality is at its lowest rate in recorded history, and life expectancy it’s highest, even in the poorest of countries. The proportion of people living in extreme poverty has plummeted from nearly half the global population in 1980 to less than 10 percent today. Education and literacy, equality of the sexes, and economic freedom are better than ever.”

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He’s United Us All!

What to know: President Joe Biden’s call for OPEC to increase energy production while hobbling the U.S. energy industry has angered conservatives and progressives alike.

The TPPF take: American energy production is the cleanest in the world.

“Unfortunately, this administration continues to project hostility to the oil and gas industry, while encouraging imports from the same industry overseas,” says TPPF’s E.J. Antoni. “Until that hypocritical attitude changes, our supply will sit on the sidelines, and our country in second place.”

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Oh No!

What to know: According to the IPCC, the U.N.’s new climate report is “Code Red for Humanity!

The TPPF take: Take a breath.

“The true state of our climate is far from disastrous,” says TPPF’s Jason Isaac. “In fact, both climate science and thousands of years of human history show this is the best time yet to be alive. The U.N. is continually moving the goalposts when its apocalyptic predictions fail to come true. The problem with climate science today isn’t so much the science as shoddy reporting that over-simplifies and over-dramatizes — and a toxic political climate (pun intended) that forbids deviation from the politically correct narrative.”

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