Texans are Taxed Unfairly

What to know: TPPF’s plan to cut property taxes nearly in half is getting attention statewide.

The TPPF take: Too many Texans are being forced out of their homes. Our poll says 75% of Texans say their property tax burden is too high.

“Texas lawmakers now have an opportunity to ease the burden on property owners—our plan would cut property taxes nearly in half over time, by eliminating school district maintenance and operations (M&O) taxes,” says TPPF’s Vance Ginn. “We get there by holding down spending growth and using surplus taxpayer dollars at the state level to buy down those school district M&O property taxes over time.”

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Come Home and Fix This

What to know: More foster children than ever are sleeping in offices, hotels and other makeshift places, the Texas Tribune reports.

The TPPF take: Those Democratic legislators who fled the state are keeping these kids out of proper foster homes.

“Gov. Greg Abbott’s special session call included funding to address this crisis by attracting and retaining private, community-based agencies to provide desperately needed care for children in the state’s custody,” says TPPF’s Andrew Brown. “Now, due to the walkout, this is in jeopardy. As the Democrats flee the state on private planes, many of the most vulnerable children in Texas will have no place to go tonight and possibly for many nights until the lawmakers who broke quorum return home to do their duty.”

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Securing Elections

What to know: More and more states are moving to make their elections more secure. They’re also facing legal challenges.

The TPPF take: The truth is that election fraud exists, and we should make it harder to cheat. That’s what Senate Bill 1 does.

“Let’s be clear—nothing in Senate Bill 1 curtails access to voting in any way, shape or form,” says TPPF’s Chad Ennis. “In fact, the bill would improve access, protect voters’ rights, add transparency and accountability in the voting process, and deter fraud.”

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