No, We Have Oil at Home

What to know: The White House continues to push OPEC to increase oil production, even as it discourages U.S. petroleum production.

The TPPF take: American energy production is the cleanest in the world.

“Unfortunately, this administration continues to project hostility to the oil and gas industry, while encouraging imports from the same industry overseas,” says TPPF’s E.J. Antoni. “Until that hypocritical attitude changes, our supply will sit on the sidelines, and our country in second place.”

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That’s Not It

What to know: One activist says that the recent increases in crime rates are due to conservative criminal justice reform efforts.

The TPPF take: No, criminal justice reform isn’t causing the current crime wave.

“The evidence is clear that it is the certainty and not the severity of punishment that deters potential criminals,” notes TPPF’s Brett Tolman. “If you’re worried about public safety, it’s more productive to spend your time improving clearance rates, not bemoaning the elimination of ineffective mandatory minimums for nonviolent offenses.”

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Disastrous Withdrawal

What to know: Speaking with former Deputy National Security Advisor KT McFarland, TPPF’s Kevin Roberts called our withdrawal from Afghanistan a debacle.

The TPPF take: As Kevin noted in that recent livestream event, “This is a crisis that demands that every American, regardless of political affiliation, ask hard questions about American leadership.” KT agreed.

“Put politics aside, it’s just a gut punch when you think of the brave Americans who have sacrificed their whole careers for the good of the United States and our allies to see them now have this tragic unfolding of events in Kabul at the airport,” KT said. “And I agree it was unnecessary. And that doesn’t diminish the sacrifice and the nobility of the service to the United States.”

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