Not as Green as Advertised

What to know: Electric vehicles depend on fossil fuels, both in their manufacturing and operation.

The TPPF take: Electric vehicles aren’t the answer to climate worries.

“The wealthy are not bearing the brunt of the war on fossil fuels; child laborers in Africa and working American families are, and the weight will be crushing,” says TPPF’s Jamila Piracci. “And the current administration is not just assisting EV buyers; they are propping up the entire EV market by paying buyers to create demand so that suppliers will have the profitability necessary to make the product. There isn’t a natural widespread demand for EVs, so policymakers are using the popularized ESG narrative to ban the alternatives (fossil fuels).”

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That’s a ‘Down Side’

What to know: In its reporting on “The Down Side of Wind Power,” the Harvard Gazette notes that wind farms increase warming—the opposite of what they’re supposed to do.

The TPPF take:  Despite claims of cleanliness, “green” power has some dirty secrets.

“The flow of federal incentives has led to an explosion of renewable energy projects, but a lack of disposal options has left a growing green garbage problem,” says TPPF’s Carson Clayton. “Solar panels and wind turbines contain toxic and hazardous materials that are difficult to recycle, and early retirement of equipment is causing waste to accumulate almost as quickly as new generation is being deployed.”

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Ready for some Football?

What to know: Opponents of parent empowerment say it will destroy Texas football traditions, including “Friday Night Lights.”

The TPPF take: Florida, Arkansas, Arizona and many other states with rich football traditions have enacted parent empowerment and school choice; their football programs are doing just fine (check Florida State’s standing against Texas).

“Nationwide, 32 states and the District of Columbia have some form of school choice,” says TPPF’s Mandy Drogin. “Surely, if the dire predictions are true, we’d see the results in states that have empowered parents for years. But that’s simply not the case.”

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