One Dose Can Kill

What to know: October is Fentanyl Poisoning Awareness Month, the Texas Department of Public Safety notes.

The TPPF take: Writing for The Cannon Online, state Rep. John Lujan says that fentanyl is claiming innocent victims.

“Fentanyl overdoses have become the No. 1 cause of death among U.S. adults ages 18-45,” Rep. Lujan says. “Overdoses have soared in America’s youth—so much that an increasing number of schools are now requiring nurses to stock naloxone (Narcan) for potential fentanyl overdoses. Fentanyl is in every state; it is a clear and present danger.”

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Housing Crisis

What to know: Texas is facing a California-style housing affordability crisis.

The TPPF take: Local governments are behind the housing affordability crisis.

“The basic principles of economics tell us that scarcity is what creates the value or price of a good or service,” says TPPF’s John Bonura. “In typical laissez-faire capitalism, the market would react in a way for supply to meet demand and prices would stabilize. However, governments oftentimes get in the way of this principle through the policymaking process.”

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It’s Happening!

What to know: The Texas Senate has passed a solid parent empowerment bill that will ensure parents are in charge of their children’s educations

The TPPF take:  Now is the time for parent empowerment.

“The politics is what has kept parents from having the freedom to select the best school for their children,” says TPPF’s Mandy Drogin. “The unions, education lobbyists and administrators, whose only goal is to rake more money in to the system, worry that parental empowerment will erode their control and require greater accountability.”

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