Open Borders

What to know: A terrorist who was captured in Minnesota last week was allowed to roam free in the U.S. for nearly a year by federal officials.

The TPPF take:  Under the Biden administration, we have no idea who is coming into our country—or why.

“We do know there are at least 617,607 aliens on ICE’s non-detained docket who have criminal convictions or pending criminal charges,” says TPPF’s Selene Rodriguez. “That means more than half a million criminal aliens are in U.S. communities, posing a serious threat to Americans in every state. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, ICE released 68.1% of the aliens transferred to them by CBP for detention.”

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Boom—or Bust?

What to know: More Americans are benefitting from the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) than ever before, the Biden administration notes. But that is mostly because of hefty subsidies and loosened restrictions.

The TPPF take: Obamacare hasn’t lived up to its many promises.

“Remember this one?” asks TPPF’s Robert Henneke. “’If you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health care plan, period.’ Even Politifact named this one Lie of the Year for 2013. Ten years later, little has changed. Coverage doesn’t equal care, and continuing to subsidize a broken government insurance market changes nothing.”

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PARD-on Me?

What to know: The city of Austin’s Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) recently hired a new equity & inclusion coordinator who is promoting “Antiracist Affinity Spaces” for city employees. In these segregated spaces, “people of color” are encouraged to discuss racism while “white people” are instructed to “share about their ongoing learning around anti-racism.”

The TPPF take: Home-rule cities have lost the plot.

“Texans expect their city governments to fill potholes and police the streets, not engage in endless social justice campaigns. Cities need to get back to the basics,” says TPPF’s James Quintero. “Every dollar local progressives spend on nonsense is one less dollar that someone has to pay for gas, groceries, and rent.”

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