Parent Empowerment

What to Know: Another state lawmaker has released a Parents’ Bill of Rights, which would ensure that parents are the decision-makers in their children’s lives.

The TPPF Take: TPPF has supported a similar Parents’ Bill of Rights, as does Gov. Greg Abbott.

“Parents deserve to feel empowered to pursue the best education for their children,” says TPPF’s Greg Sindelar. “Transparency and access will provide parents the necessary tools to ensure every child has access to a quality education.”

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What to Know: Health care giant Centene has agreed to pay Texas $166 million to settle claims that it overcharged Medicaid patients for prescription drugs.

The TPPF Take: Pharmacy benefits managers drive up costs—with kickbacks to insurance firms.

“PBMs use their incredible power to turn the whole system into a classic kickback scheme,” says TPPF’s David Balat. “PBMs control which drugs are available on your health plan. If the drug isn’t on the list, your insurance company won’t cover it. To make sure their drugs are included on the list, drug manufacturers will give a ‘rebate’ to the PBM, a portion of which the PBM keeps. This kickback goes directly into the pocket of both PBMs and insurers.”

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Won’t Take No for an Answer

What to Know: Even though Amarillo voters soundly rejected a bond proposal for a new civic center, the City Council has now gone around the voters with a bond package that doesn’t require approval at the polls.

The TPPF Take: Council members should listen to their voters.

“There are so many issues with this move that it’s hard to know where to begin,” says TPPF’s Austin Prochko. “From ignoring the voice of the people to abusing local public finance to causing people to lose faith in government, Amarillo’s workaround is a wild abuse of power and public funds.”

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