Price Controls Aren’t the Answer

What to Know: New federal price controls on prescription drugs will have unintended consequences, including more spending on health care and less research and development—meaning fewer new drugs for deadly diseases.

The TPPF Take: Market forces, not mandates, lower drug prices.

“Unfortunately, price controls will not only limit therapies and medications for cancer but for many other chronic diseases as well,” says TPPF’s David Balat. “Price controls help the legacy manufacturers but hinder the ability of innovative startups to go through the extremely expensive process of coming to market put in place by our own FDA.”

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What to Know: ESG—investing guided by environmental, social and governance concerns—ducks an investor’s fiduciary duty, experts say.

The TPPF Take: The ESG movement is all about power, not about maximizing returns for pensioners and retirees.

“ESG investing, which could be a useful tool for individuals to make informed choices about their investments, has instead become a wrecking ball that could destroy entire industries,” says TPPF’s Jason Isaac. “The un-American agenda of the climate cartel is an affront to the principles of liberty that founded our country.”

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New York Empowers Parents

What to Know: New York City parents are exercising their rights to choose the best school for their children; in the last two years, enrollment in the city’s traditional public schools has dropped by 80,000.

The TPPF Take: Texas families have the same rights. The Legislature should recognize that, and give parents more choices.

“The left continues to ramp up the apocalyptic rhetoric about parent empowerment in Texas—as if it wasn’t successfully implemented in dozens of other states,” says TPPF’s Mandy Drogin. “But parents know better—and deserve better.”

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