Recipe for Disaster

What to know: The Biden administration now has its sights on natural gas, planning to “phase out” the fuel source that provides clean, affordable energy to the U.S.

The TPPF take: Biden’s policies will lead to widespread energy poverty.

“Under Biden’s attempts to ‘phase out’ natural gas, petroleum, and coal, the prices we pay for energy will go up,” says TPPF’s Jason Isaac. “Because everything we do, from the moment our alarms go off every morning to when we turn off the lights at night, depends on energy, these higher prices will be a heavy burden for American families.”

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Ban It

What to know: Congress is moving closer to reining in TikTok, the popular social media app controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.

The TPPF take: No need to wait for Congress. Schools, for example, can and should cease using TikTok as a teaching tool.

“TikTok’s popularity does not make it useful or productive,” writes Garion Frankel for The Cannon Online. “The possible harms to kids and schools outweigh any educational benefit the platform may provide. Therefore, educators shouldn’t wait on the federal government to ban TikTok — they should’ve gotten it out of schools yesterday.”

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Border Crisis for Children

What to know: Even CNN now admits the U.S. has a border crisis.

The TPPF take: The crisis is especially dangerous for children, as the Biden administration sits by and allows them to be trafficked into the U.S.

“Children are shoved along quickly through a network that includes sponsors and foster homes,” says TPPF’s Carol Swain. “Health and Human Services (HHS) is tasked with placing ‘the product’ with a sponsor. Contrary to what we have been told about the uniting of children with their families, the ‘product’ is often placed with an unrelated foreign national.”

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