Record Texas Budget Surplus

What to know: On Tuesday, Comptroller Glenn Hegar announced that the state of Texas was expecting $188 billion in revenue and a $32.7 billion budget surplus for 2024-25, both of which are a state record.

The TPPF take: The Legislature needs to provide Texans with substantial property tax relief, rather than grow the state budget.

“The 2023 Texas Legislature has a historic opportunity to provide Texans with real tax relief using this windfall budget surplus,” says TPPF’s James Quintero. “This is a once-in-a-generation chance to help people cope with the current cost-of-living crisis and set Texas apart from other tax-and-spend states.”

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The Biden Administration Is a Censorship Machine

What to know: Newly released documents demonstrate the growing awareness of the White House and its role in pursuing censorship, often with the willing involvement of social media companies.

The TPPF take: This level of government involvement is unconstitutional and has tremendous consequences for open discourse in the country.

“These corroborate something long suspected: there is a deep-rooted, incestuous relationship between the federal government and Big Tech,” says TPPF’s David Dunmoyer. “Simply, it’s both egregious and unconstitutional for the federal government to squash the speech of Americans through large tech companies.”

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Save The Whales

What to know: Biden Administration offshore wind farms are killing endangered whale species, causing environmental groups such as Clean Ocean Action to sound the alarm.

The TPPF take: TPPF has an ongoing lawsuit already pointing out that such windfarms violate the Endangered Species Act, and should be blocked.

“In approving the Vineyard Wind project, the federal government trampled the rights of Americans to pursue its misguided goal of developing offshore wind energy at any cost,” said Ted Hadzi-Antich, senior attorney for TPPF. Our lawsuit aims to protect the communities that depend on fishing to support their families, as well as ensure the areas do not become wastelands for marine wildlife.”

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