Rural and Red

What to know: The Wall Street Journal notes that in Texas, opposition to parent empowerment can be both rural and red (Republican), even though polls and ballot referendums consistently show rural voters support school choice.

The TPPF take: Rural Texans may feel their local public schools are safe and free of the woke political agenda. Sadly, they’re mistaken.

“Having been brought up in the progressive environment of our leftist colleges, the education establishment can’t help itself from focusing on ideology instead of academics,” says TPPF’s Mandy Drogin. “And, with many parents unable to afford or not lucky enough to get into an alternative education option, students are stuck in schools with administrators that are too busy pushing a social agenda to worry about basic learning. How do we fix this? Choice.”

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Poor Things

What to know: Democratic governors are now complaining loudly about the migrants who are arriving in their cities to take advantage of their “Sanctuary” policies.

The TPPF take: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s plan to bus migrants out of Texas has been a responsible decision for the state; it’s just a shame the so-called “Sanctuary states” don’t actually mean it.

“Texas’ decision to bus migrants out of the state has been a cost-effective method that has lifted the hardships on border communities, while keeping migrants safe and healthy,” says TPPF’s Selene Rodriguez. “It has also provided a free service to those who are looking for better lives in the sanctuary cities—which have promised them opportunities for many years.”

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On The Border

What to know: The full Texas House will consider two pieces of legislation on border security that would provide additional funding and new tools to the state to rein in the border crisis we inherited from the federal government.

The TPPF take: Both bills are good, constitutional, and necessary bills.

“We need to ensure that Americans possess the most basic element of sovereignty, the ability to determine and define who becomes part of their community,” TPPF’s Melissa Ford testified before a Texas House committee recently, “and to shut down the cruel and deadly export trade of drugs, violence, corruption, and worst of all, literally millions of fellow human beings who are held in de facto servitude by the state-cartel nexus that increasingly controls Mexico.”

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