Spooky Season Climate Apocalypse Edition!

Oh No! A Tipping Point!

What to know: The earth’s climate is “at a tipping point,” according to the breathless media coverage of yet another U.N. study.

The TPPF take: The media—and limited understanding—shape the unscientific climate narrative.

“A recent study sought to test how environmental knowledge and climate specific knowledge are associated with climate change anxiety,” says TPPF’s Aliyah Formont. “Results show that people who possess more overall environmental knowledge experience less climate change anxiety; the same results applied to climate specific knowledge. Coincidently, we seem to know less about the climate the more it dominates headlines.”

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The Oceans are Boiling!

What to know: According to MSNBC, we have “reached the ‘boiling seas’ part of the climate crisis.”

The TPPF take: Spoiler—the oceans are not, in fact, boiling. But the Biden administration’s climate agenda puts them at risk.

“The concrete, steel, and rare earth minerals used to embed the huge wind turbines on the ocean floor dwarf any reduction in CO2 the wind farms might generate,” notes TPPF’s Jason Isaac. “Meanwhile, the Biden administration remains willfully blind to the increasing number of whale deaths in regions where seismic survey work is being done.”

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Doom Loops!

What to know: We’re entering a time of climate doom loops, another study says.

The TPPF take: “Climate doom loops” would be a great name for a roller coaster. But it’s language designed to induce fear and promote an unscientific and incorrect understanding of the climate.

“Instead of using fear over the most extreme weather scenarios, our media, leaders, parents, and teachers should communicate to our young people the complete story of fossil fuels and the benefits of affordable and reliable energy,” says TPPF’s Brent Bennett. “Energy is the key to human flourishing.”

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