Stagflation Nation

What to know: Many are now warning that the “U.S. economy may be barreling towards stagflation, an outcome worse than recession.” This is terrible news for Americans already struggling to afford gas, groceries, and rent.

The TPPF take: Bidenomics is a disaster.

“Bidenomics has been a colossal failure in every way, except one—it’s been hugely successful illustrating the errors of socialism and central planning,” says TPPF’s James Quintero. “Washington, D.C.’s economic program has led the nation to the brink. Now more than ever, we need to recommit to free-markets and limited government.”

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Non-Citizen Voting

What to know: The Left is intent on allowing non-citizens to vote in the U.S.

The TPPF take: Non-citizen voting in the United States is only possible because of loopholes in the law that left-wing organizations fight to support at all costs.

“Under the Biden Administration, 4.6 million illegal aliens have been released within our borders, and many states are awarding driver’s licenses to noncitizens, making it much easier for noncitizens to cast an illegal ballot,” says TPPF’s Josh Findlay. “Unfortunately, some Americans underestimate the threat of noncitizen voting, overlooking the compelling incentives of voting in U.S. elections.”

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Your Lying Eyes

What to know: The Biden administration is now working with the Mexican government to reduce illegal border crossings—just as the U.S. presidential election heats up.

The TPPF take: The administration wants Americans to believe the border is secure. It isn’t.

“The No. 1 issue in America today is the crisis at the border, with some 10 million illegal immigrants crossing into the nation since President Biden reversed President Donald Trump’s border security policies on day one,” says TPPF’s Chuck DeVore. “But if you wished Biden would prioritize border security and out-of-control illegal immigration in what most of America hopes will be his penultimate State of the Union address, your wish was denied.”

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