Sunshine Week Edition!

What to know: A few years ago, Tennessee courts ruled that the Tennessee School Boards Association was subject to the state’s open records act as it was: “the functional equivalent of a governmental agency.” Some have begun to question whether a similar rationale applies to the Texas Association of School Boards.

The TPPF take: TASB’s massive multi-million dollar enterprise is entirely funded by taxpayers, yet it’s all run behind closed doors.

“Should nonprofits that run entirely on public monies, like TASB, be allowed to operate in the dark, without any real oversight or accountability? Or might it be time to let the sunshine in, as was done in Tennessee? The answer is obvious,” said TPPF’s James Quintero.

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Climate Alarmism

What to know: Writing in CNN, a climate professor says “If you knew what I know, you’d be terrified too.”

The TPPF take: Climate alarmism is a disservice to American families.

“No matter how shrill the climate cartel cries that the end is near, the American public just isn’t willing to sacrifice the benefits of affordable, reliable energy — which only fossil fuels can provide,” says TPPF’s Jason Isaac. “They see through the disinformation the climate cartel is spreading. Not only is the human race nowhere near the brink of extinction, but our lives and our environment are better than ever before.”

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Laughing It Up

What to know: MSNBC hosts Rachel Maddow and Jen Psaki laughed at voters who said they’re concerned about illegal immigration.

The TPPF take: Americans are rightly concerned about the waves of migrants crossing the southern U.S. border.

“Maddow and her friends clearly missed the latest data from Gallup in February which found that immigration is now at the top of the list of critical problems cited by Americans,” says TPPF’s Sherry Sylvester. “Or perhaps the MSNBC girls are just getting their information on what is going on at the border from the Texas media. The Texas press has pretended for years that concerns about the border are simply a trumped up talking point for Republicans.”

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