Texas, Our Texas

What to know: In honor of Texas Independence Day, we’d like to introduce you to TPPF’s “Forging Texas” videos.

The story of the Texas Revolution is the story of ourselves—who we are, how we came to be, and what it means to truly be Texan.

Forging Texas” is a compelling look at the lives, causes and passion for freedom that drove Texas and the Texans to independence—and then to greatness. The story of the Texas Revolution is just as relevant in 2023 as it was in 1836.

Season of Revolution

What to know: The Mexican army has ordered the Texians at Gonzales to surrender their cannon.

The TPPF take: Come and take it.

Watch Forging Texas: Season of Revolution >>

Season of Defeat

What to know: Rumor has it that Santa Anna’s army is massacring Texian prisoners of war.

The TPPF take: The Texas spirit cannot be broken.

Watch Forging Texas: Season of Defeat >>

Season of Victory

What to know: Gen. Sam Houston is readying his army at San Jacinto. But the odds are long—only 900 Texians will face 1,300 Spanish troops.

The TPPF take: But these Texians remember the Alamo—and Goliad.

Watch Forging Texas: Season of Victory >>