That’s a Thing Now

What to know: There’s a surge in the number of “climate therapists” available to help treat your “climate anxiety.”

The TPPF take: Climate anxiety is a self-inflicted malady.

“A recent study sought to test how environmental knowledge and climate specific knowledge are associated with climate change anxiety,” says TPPF’s Aliyah Formont. “The statistical analysis of over 2,000 individuals shows that there is in fact a correlation. Results that people who possess more overall environmental knowledge experience less climate change anxiety; the same results applied to climate specific knowledge.”

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Pappa’s Got a Brand New Law

What to know: Denton has joined a number of other cities suing to stop implementation of the “Death Star Bill,” a new law that will provide regulatory consistency for businesses and prevent overregulation by cities.

The TPPF take: Texas progressives are terrified that their extreme agenda is about to hit a wall.

“For a long time, progressives in Texas have advanced their big government agenda through local government channels,” says TPPF’s James Quintero. “But those avenues are about to be shut-off thanks to strong, new preemption legislation set to take effect on Sept. 1. And that fact has the left running scared and reaching for any tactic.”

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Is Math Racist?

What to know: As California schools begin the new academic year, more and more parents and some educators are voicing concerns about the state’s math “equity and social justice” framework, which de-emphasizes correct answers and advanced math classes.

The TPPF take: Critical race theory is behind the “equity” movement in education (including math), which discards the equality that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. advocated.

“The logical outcome of these progressive policies won’t be the world King dreamed of — where ‘the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood,’” says TPPF’s Richard Johnson. “It will instead be a dystopia not far removed from the reality that so deeply disappointed King, with segregation that is at once educational, societal and economic.”

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