That’s Cold

What to Know: Switzerland is looking at putting people in jail—for heating their homes this winter.

The TPPF Take: The Biden administration could do much more to help relieve the EU of its dependence on Russian natural gas and unleash the power of the American energy sector.

“Biden could immediately instruct his administration to prioritize lease sale approvals and remove the self-imposed regulatory barriers causing unnecessary delays,” says TPPF’s Greg Sindelar. “The president could approve pending pipeline and LNG export permits, and suspend the antiquated Jones Act that prohibits domestic port-to-port shipping.”

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What to Know: New test scores show that the COVID-19 lockdowns resulted in “devastating” learning loss for American school children.

The TPPF Take: Parents need choices to help their children recover from learning losses.

“As with learning loss, the damage done by missed opportunities in education policy compound over time,” says TPPF’s board member Kevin Roberts. “Every school year that passes without Texas updating its policies, another generation of kids falls further behind. Texas should embrace parental rights and educational pluralism to let every family and student find their own best path forward—and set a new bar for state education freedom in America.”

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Not In My Background

What to Know: California’s planned offshore wind projects are facing some resistance—from diverse groups ranging from fishermen to indigenous tribes to environmentalists.

The TPPF Take: The Texas Public Policy Foundation has already filed a lawsuit over a similar planned offshore wind project, off Rhode Island.

“When the liberal environmental group Natural Resources Defense Council, a coalition of U.S. senators led by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and a conservative Texas institute like mine come together to question an ocean-based wind farm project, something must be fishy,” says TPPF’s Robert Henneke. “It’s important to get answers to these questions now. This remarkably diverse group of questioners won’t quit asking them.”

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