The Price of Panic

What to know: Lockdowns and other pandemic-induced measures are hurting our kids.

The TPPF take: The damage being done to our children is real.

“Instead of normal, healthy human interaction, children have been left to their own devices—literally,” says TPPF’s E.J. Antoni. “These include phones, tablets, gaming consoles, and computers, all of which are poor substitutes for human relationships and interpersonal connections. It’s important that we learn from this terrible experiment.”

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Price Transparency

What to know: Health care price transparency rules face an uncertain future in the Biden administration.

The TPPF take: Price transparency would have saved one Texas family thousands of dollars.

“My doctor and I discussed a fertility-related diagnostic test and determined it was necessary to see any possible causes of why I’ve been unable to get pregnant,” says Rachel Walker, a member of TPPF’s Liberty Leadership Council. “I also knew ahead of time I would have to cover 100% because my insurance would not help since the test was related to fertility. But when the bill came two months later, my husband opened it, handed it to me, and said, ‘Don’t panic—we’ll figure this out.’”

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End Policing?

What to know: U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib says a shooting in Minnesota shows that it’s time to end policing.

The TPPF take: While the Left appears intent on destroying it, policing is fundamental to a civil society because small portions of society tend to not be civil when left to their own devices.

“For Rep. Tlaib to use the Minnesota shooting, which by all accounts appears to have been a tragic accident, as an example of systemic racism is reprehensible and destructive,” says TPPF’s Randy Petersen. “It contributes to the rioting we are seeing, it disincentivizes proactive policing to quell rising violent crime, and suppresses the hiring of good recruits into the profession.”

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