The Kids Were All Right

What to know: It turns out, kids have been pretty safe from COVID-19 all along; it’s less risky to children than the flu. That’s not a conspiracy theory; that’s the conclusion of the New Yorker magazine.

The TPPF take: Government-imposed school shutdowns and protocols dictated by teachers unions have harmed our children far more than we yet realize. That’s why school choice—and parental empowerment—is more important than ever.

“Texas remains one of the worst states in the country for parent empowerment, providing among the fewest educational options for families. Public school choice through open enrollment is severely limited,” says TPPF’s Richard Johnson. “And unlike the majority of states, including three of our neighbors, private school choice is non-existent in Texas.”

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Free to Provide Care

What to know: A new law has gone into effect that will free up some doctors from having to get an insurance company’s permission to provide needed care.

The TPPF take: Doctors have long complained that this requirement kept them from taking care of their patients.

“This is just one of the many ways the Texas Legislature has improved health care,” says TPPF’s David Balat. “And they did so by focusing on care, not merely coverage in the form of Medicaid expansion.”

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Jobs Report

What to know: A weak jobs report for the month of August has Americans worried.

The TPPF take: Bad policies are stalling the labor market.

“August’s jobs report is a disappointment from almost every angle,” says TPPF’s E.J. Antoni. “The labor market has turned anemic in nearly every sector, the result of disincentives to work stemming from government action. The combination of a slowing labor market and persistent inflation is a red flag that the economy is trending towards a period of stagflation.”

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