The Toll at the Border

What to know: The death toll at the wide-open southern U.S. border continues to climb, as President Joe Biden’s policies have left both migrants and Americans vulnerable.

The TPPF take: President Biden’s border policies are the direct cause of these and many other deaths at the border—and along the cartel-controlled journey to it.

“Many of these persons wouldn’t have died if the Biden Administration wasn’t incentivizing illegal entry into the United States,” says TPPF’s Robert Henneke. “The border security policies of the Trump Administration – like remain in Mexico – worked for the simple reason that persons who entered illegally where not allowed to stay in the United States. Yet, millions of persons have entered the United States illegally under the Biden Administration under the common knowledge that most will be allowed to remain.”

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Supersized Superintendent Salaries

What to know: Austin ISD’s new superintendent will earn $362,250 in his first year, roughly the same amount as the President of the United States. Meanwhile, only 50% of Austin ISD students can read, write, and do math at or above grade level.

The TPPF take: Education elites are raking in tax dollars, even while they fail to produce.

“Superintendents are getting rich from their public service. Worse, the product they are supposed to deliver—i.e., a well-educated student population—is lackluster at best,” says TPPF’s James Quintero. “It’s time to overhaul public sector compensation in Texas ISDs.”

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Going to Prison—For Good

What to knowOn a recent stop by The Make It Center at Austin Community College, U.S. Sen. John Cornyn explained, “Today, the most powerful tool we have at combating this vicious cycle of incarceration is continued participation in the workforce.”

The TPPF take: Nearly 95% of ALL incarcerated individuals will eventually be released. Reentry and job training programs are proven to lower recidivism and create prosperous and safer communities.

“Gateway’s ministry spares no effort in making sure the men in their services become exceptional neighbors to all of us upon reentry into society,” says Britt Allen. “With their rehabilitation, they break the vicious cycles of incarceration, and the ripple effects it has on their children, families, and communities.”

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