They’re Catching On

What to know: Texas Monthly’s new piece shows that the left is noticing that more and more Latinos in Texas are voting Republican—and the Democrats are worried.

The TPPF take: There’s a new working-class coalition that is multi-racial, multi-ethnic and conservative.

“The new coalition rejects the premise of the New York Times’ 1619 Project, the grand critique of America, which says the U.S. is fundamentally racist and a real-life dystopia,” says TPPF’s Kevin Roberts. “They know better. It’s the country they or their parents or their grandparents came to, and in many cases, fled to. The America they experience is one of opportunity and freedom.”

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What to know: A new report on TPPF’s lawsuit against the CDC on the evictions ban (Terkel) sums it up nicely: “If the result in the Association of Realtor’s case were likened to a ‘knockout punch’ of the CDC’s authority to issue an eviction moratorium, the result in Terkel would have to be compared to the Earth opening up and swallowing the entire boxing ring.”

The TPPF take: TPPF by a knockout.

“TPPF’s Terkel lawsuit on appeal at the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals squarely challenges the federal government’s power to do this under the Commerce Clause, which the trial court held the government could not,” says TPPF’s Robert Henneke. “TPPF’s case continues to resolve this important question of limits to the federal government’s power so that this disastrous eviction moratorium policy never happens again.”

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But Where are the Students?

What to know: The Austin Independent School District wants a big tax hike, even though it’s educating far fewer students.

The TPPF take: This is naked government greed.

“With enrollment in freefall, one might guess that Austin ISD’s tax burden would chart a similar course downward—or at least level off,” says TPPF’s James Quintero. “But unfortunately for taxpayers, the district’s tax burden is stuck on skyrocket. There’s no reason why Austin ISD should raise taxes today. Homeowners are struggling. Students are fleeing. And their coffers are full.”

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