They’re Here

What to know: Artificial intelligence already plays a larger role in your life than you realize.

The TPPF take: AI is hiding in plain sight.

“AI has been around for decades, influencing us in ways largely unseen or unnoticed,” says TPPF’s David Dunmoyer. “This is why to ensure that technology serves humanity and not the other way around, transparency and human dignity need to animate policy and innovation surrounding AI.”

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Whale Wars

What to know: Some U.S. scientists are proposing a “whale buffer zone” that could displace about 3 gigawatts of planned offshore wind energy development.

The TPPF take: The Biden administration’s green dreams depend on offshore wind, even at the expense of marine life.

“The administration’s newest proposed permit is set to allow foreign offshore wind companies to kill 42 whales, more than 2,500 dolphins and nearly 1,500 seals by conducting yet another survey for wind turbines off the Jersey Shore,” says TPPF’s Jason Isaac. “The project, ironically named Atlantic Shores, is exactly where dead whales have already begun to wash up in correlation with a massive uptick in geological survey vessels mapping the ocean floor.”

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Brace Yourself; Bailouts Are Coming

What to know: Vehicle manufacturers lose money on most electric vehicles and will soon need to be bailed out, one economist predicts.

The TPPF take: The federal government is already propping up the EV industry with subsidies that serve to hide the real costs. Our new study shows how much is being picked up by taxpayers.

“Proponents of EVs have falsely pushed the claim that EVs will soon cost less than gas-powered cars. This study shows that EVs are still a long way from being competitive without massive subsidies,” says TPPF’s Brent Bennett. “The Biden administration’s stringent fuel economy standards and regulatory manipulations are driving American automakers toward bankruptcy and adding thousands of dollars to the cost of every gasoline vehicle.”

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