Thinking Machines

What to know: The Biden administration has new rules for artificial intelligence (AI) development, but the rules are unclear and leave too much up to regulators.

The TPPF take: In order to responsibly innovate, the AI industry needs clear guidelines and guard rails.

“This executive order further muddies the waters,” says TPPF’s Zach Whiting. “What’s more, going through Washington is not the right route—Congress continues to drag its feet on meaningful technology policy reforms. Texas is already leading the way on technology policy in areas like data privacy, kids’ online safety, broadband, and establishing an AI advisory council.”

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Border Crisis

What to know: Latin American nations are fueling the border crisis, the leader of one migrant caravan tells Fox News.

The TPPF take: TPPF’s Selene Rodriguez testified before the Texas Legislature on the border crisis.

“Since February 2021, President Biden’s first full month in office, there have been more than 6.2 million encounters by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at the southwest border, 5.4 million of whom were apprehended by Border Patrol agents after entering illegally,” Selene testified. “There have also been reports of over 1.7 million known gotaways.”

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Radical Racists

What to know: Jewish students were forced to barricade themselves in a library as pro-Palestinian protesters tried to force their way in. This happened not in Israel or in Gaza, but at Cooper Union, a college in New York City.

The TPPF take: These pro-Hamas protests demonstrate that the diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) movement on college campuses is a lie.

“On many college campuses, the Hamas terrorists are being praised by professors, staff, and students,” says TPPF’s Andrew Gillen. “Students hold vigils for Palestinian ‘martyrs’ who were killed while butchering Israeli babies. At Harvard, over 30 student groups issued a public letter which held Israel ‘entirely responsible’ for the murder, rape, mutilation, and kidnapping of their own people.”

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