To Live and DEI in Texas

What to know: Chris Rufo, writing in City Journal, reports that the University of Texas at Austin’s College of Communication promotes the idea that “objectivity,” “individualism,” and “worship of the written word” were all “characteristics of white supremacy culture.”

The TPPF take: What is “diversity, equity and inclusion” (DEI), really?

“The bedrock belief of DEI is that racism is not an individual act of evil, it is a structural system, geared toward preserving white supremacy,” says TPPF’s Sherry Sylvester. “Higher education is part of this systemic racism, according to DEI’s assessment. So is free-market capitalism, America’s legal system rooted in English common law, medicine, virtually everything American, including our values of achievement, hard-work, equality and independence.”

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Even in Rural Texas

What to know: In Charlotte, Texas, the small school district was caught promoting secret “gender affirming” chat rooms.

The TPPF take: The woke agenda is being pushed even in rural school districts.

“Charlotte ISD’s district counseling page is directing students towards LGBTQ+ chatrooms that contain a “quick escape” button to hide activity from their parents,” says TPPF’s Mandy Drogin. “These chatrooms are not monitored by mental health professionals and are designed to ‘affirm’ youths aged 13-19 in their ‘gender identity.’ Charlotte ISD’s page directs parents to resources that encourage parents and doctors to affirm trans-identifying children despite evidence that this does far more harm than good.”

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Don’t California My Texas

What to know: The 88th Texas Legislature is poised to pass several ambitious measures that will slow the California-ization of Texas cities by tailoring their authority. In response, some cities, like Flower Mound, are urging “more affirmative action” to stop the bills and protect their power.

The TPPF take: It’s time to rein in Texas cities.

“We should not sit idly by while progressives California-ize Texas cities. Instead, we must use every tool at our disposal to protect Texas values and preserve our low tax, limited government framework. That’s one reason why this legislative session is so important,” says TPPF’s James Quintero.

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