Unsound Policy

What to know: The seismic surveys being performed along the East Coast for offshore wind farms can harm marine wildlife with sound, scientists admit.

The TPPF take: The Biden administration is killing marine life to “save the planet.”

“The administration’s newest proposed permit is set to allow foreign offshore wind companies to kill 42 whales, more than 2,500 dolphins and nearly 1,500 seals by conducting yet another survey for wind turbines off the Jersey Shore,” says TPPF’s Jason Isaac. “The project, ironically named Atlantic Shores, is exactly where dead whales have already begun to wash up in correlation with a massive uptick in geological survey vessels mapping the ocean floor.”

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Border Buoys

What to know: A barrier made of buoys can stay in place in the Rio Grande while the issue is litigated, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled.

The TPPF take: After Texas defended itself with a buoy barrier in the Rio Grande, the Biden administration went on the attack against Texans.

“In south Texas, in the places where D.C. bureaucrats never go, the ordinary people are acutely sensitive to the issues at stake,” says TPPF’s Greg Sindelar. “Every American citizen in every American community has a legitimate expectation that his government will not attack his way of life, and will not side with foreign powers against him.”

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That’s Not Affordable

What to know: It turns out that Obamacare plans —the Affordable Care Act—are only affordable if you’re healthy or able to fork over a $9,100 deductible. While the ACA was intended to help those with preexisting conditions, it hasn’t—patients with chronic issues are slipping through the cracks and getting stuck with the most unaffordable options.

The TPPF take: Government-run health care always leads to rationing and tries to make up for it by taking away private coverage.

“Proponents of single-payer health care (such as Medicare-for-All) always promise patients affordable, accessible, and equitable care for all,” says TPPF’s Tanner Aliff. “But the iron economic law of scarcity means there are never enough resources to match demand. And as every other single-payer system shows, rationing is inevitable.”

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