Violence is the Norm

What to know: U.S. consulate staff in Matamoros, Mexico was told to shelter in place after an outbreak of cartel violence.

The TPPF take: Cartel-driven violence, murder, disappearances and kidnapping continue unabated.

“The entire affair is a great tragedy — and a great danger to the future of the United States,” says TPPF’s Greg Sindelar. “When that federal government decides it will no longer meet those obligations and will moreover align itself with an antagonistic foreign power against its own states and citizens, what recourse is there?”

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Rate Hikes Incoming

What to know: Renewable energy companies want bigger taxpayer subsidies and higher rates for electricity. What happened to “wind and solar energy are free”?

The TPPF take: Big plans for big offshore wind farms are hitting some rough seas in Texas.

“The expansion of offshore wind farms pours funds into the construction of an energy source that is unable to compete against the efficiency and energy density of fossil fuels,” says TPPF’s Aliyah Formont. “Government favors for wind and solar have real-world costs—to both taxpayers and ratepayers.”

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No Shelter

What to know: A whistleblower has revealed horrific conditions at Northbridge, a city-run homeless shelter in Austin. Drug use, prostitution and overdose deaths have been reported.

The TPPF take: Austin spends millions of dollars, yet homelessness continues to increase, not decrease.

“The left’s solution of rapid housing without requiring sobriety or psychiatric fitness, known as Housing First, had its weakness on full display in a report of a local shelter showing a cache of drugs, drug paraphernalia, and weapons,” says TPPF’s John Bonura. “This downward spiral culminated last week in the resignation of Dianna Grey, Austin’s second Homeless Strategy Officer.”

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