We Won’t Be Silenced

What to Know: Newspaper giant Gannett is ending daily opinion pages for its regional publications, meaning that conservatives will have even less opportunity to have their voices heard.

The TPPF Take: We’re ready for this; we’ve build TheCannonOnline.com as a space for the best conservative thought, research and opinion.

“The Cannon Online is our opportunity to declare our independence from the legacy media,” says TPPF’s Roy Maynard, editor of TheCannonOnline.com. “Our ideas are too important to be silenced. We will also serve as a platform for other conservative writers, whether they’re political figures, subject-matter experts or even just everyday Texans and Americans.”

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Kids and the Climate

What to Know: Leftist online news outlet Vox now says we should stop telling our kids they’re doomed because of climate change. “Climate anxiety” is hurting children.

The TPPF Take: Scary headlines that overstate dangers have a real effect on impressionable readers—such as kids.

“Saddling our next generation of leaders with the burden of fatalistic pessimism is wrong for so many reasons, especially when even a cursory review of the history of the human condition shows there’s cause not just for pressing onward, but for outright celebration,” says TPPF’s Jason Isaac.

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What to Know: Democrats such as Beto O’Rourke want to use the tragic school shooting in Uvalde as justification for gun control.

The TPPF Take: It’s time to stop looking for easy solutions to the problem of school shootings.

“We will not be able to end mass shootings until we stop battling this like the culture war and instead make a commitment to fight on every front, starting with identifying all the factors that are turning young men like the Uvalde shooter into a cold-blooded killers,” says TPPF’s Sherry Sylvester. “It won’t be easy.”

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