Well, For Starters…

What to Know: NPR has published a helpful guide titled “Here are 4 tips for talking to your Latinx parents about mental health.”

The TPPF Take: Polling shows that Hispanics largely reject the Democrats’ woke agenda.

“Focus groups conducted last fall found that Hispanics, like most Texans, say they are proud to live in a state that does things right—where the cost of living is low, there are jobs and business opportunities, and the economy is strong,” says TPPF’s Sherry Sylvester. “One final note to progressives and the Texas media—97% of Texas Hispanics reject the silly woke term, ‘Latinx’—so you might want to stop using it.”

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What to Know: China plans to add more coal power plants, after a series of energy shortages have impacted its economy.

The TPPF Take: Even China knows that unreliable energy sources such as wind and solar must be backed up with dispatchable sources, such as fossil fuels. If only U.S. officials would acknowledge this fact.

“The U.S. will not be the first country to attempt zero emissions, but we will just be another country to try and fail,” says TPPF’s Selene Rodriguez. “Solar and wind powered energy may sound intriguing, but they will never be reliable.”

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Rediscovering Purpose

What to Know: America’s colleges and universities have lost sight of their original purpose—to educate students.

The TPPF Take: Fixing the college accreditation system would go a long way toward fixing higher education. We should measure colleges by their real results: student outcomes.

“Shifting to program level accreditation from institution level accreditation is a long overdue reform” said Andrew Gillen. “The two biggest problems with accreditation are that it does not provide adequate quality assurance, and it mandates a recipe that colleges must follow in terms of inputs and processes, rather than focusing on outputs and outcomes.”

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