We’ve Noticed

What to know: The White House has more than doubled its inflation forecast.

The TPPF take: Higher inflation will hurt American families.

“Inflation is fundamentally a tax,” says TPPF’s E.J. Antoni. “It is a transfer of wealth from anyone on a fixed income, or any creditor, or anyone with a dollar in their pocket or a savings account, to the government.”

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Reclaiming Employment Freedom

What to Know: Over the last few years, local governments have aggressively inserted themselves into private business matters. This government knows best mentality has hurt more than helped. But today, the Texas House will debate a legislative proposal—Senate Bill 14—that will rein in local government overreach and let Texans operate freely in the marketplace.

The TPPF Take: Governments don’t know how to run your business better than you. It’s time the legislature made that clear.

“Letting local governments meddle in private business matters has hurt employers, employees, and consumers alike,” says TPPF’s James Quintero. “We need strong, new reforms, like those in SB 14, to prevent big government mandates and promote free-market principles.”

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Care for You

What to know: Direct primary care continues to expand throughout the U.S.

The TPPF take: NuVision Women’s Care is an example of the DPC model being applied innovatively.

“Like many women, I felt like my provider didn’t listen to me,” says Aly Bond, a health care professional who founded NuVision. “I felt shuffled through the process. There had to be a better approach. That’s why we opened NuVision. We try to see the woman as a whole, not just a diagnosis.”

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