Woke Scolds, Misleading Media

What to know: “Woke” corporations, basing their actions on misleading media reports, threaten to punish states that secure their elections.

The TPPF take: It’s not about whether election protection laws are discriminatory (they’re not); it’s about perceptions—and perceptions are being distorted by bad reporting.

“The Dallas Morning News, for example, published a shockingly inaccurate report on Texas Senate Bill 7, claiming that the legislation would ‘make it harder to vote,’” says TPPF’s Kevin Roberts. “It literally does the opposite. What it does do is limit the powers of local elections officials from making up new rules and processes—something that’s clearly and constitutionally the role of the Texas Legislature.”

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Super Salaries

What to know: The Texas Education Agency has released its annual superintendent salary update and the new data reveals some eye-popping details.

The TPPF take: For instance, the highest paid full-time superintendent in Texas makes almost $450,000 in base pay alone. The top 10 highest paid full-time superintendents will make over $3.9 million this year, excluding benefits.

“The value of this data is two-fold,” says TPPF’s James Quintero. “First, it enlightens public discourse on school district spending. Second, it deflates the persistent narrative advanced by Big Education that school districts are underfunded. Both are very much helpful with the Legislature in session.”

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Action Civics

What to know: There’s a new nom de guerre for Critical Race Theory and its offshoots: Action Civics.

The TPPF take: Action Civics is an active threat to Texas values.

“Without proper guardrails, Action Civics quickly deviates to using students as political pawns on the front lines of the culture war,” says TPPF’s Lucy Meckler. “While Action Civics presents itself as the ‘cure’ for our civic illiteracy, it is in fact far worse than the disease.”

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