Wokism and Childhood

What to know: Woke ideologies are upending American childhood.

The TPPF take: “Woke” means thinking, speaking and doing what you’re told.

“Do you believe that humans who have babies are more properly called ‘women’ and ‘mothers’?” asks TPPF’s Greg Sindelar. “You’re behind the times; the new woke term is ‘birthing people,’ according to the Biden administration, Democrats and other progressive groups. What is wokism? It is a soft fascism that looks to control us and suppress any opposition to its worldview.”

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Social Media

What to know: California’s bill holding social media companies accountable for the harm they’re doing to children is already being challenged by the companies’ lobbyists.

The TPPF take: The irony is that some social media entrepreneurs don’t allow their own children on their platforms.

“We could talk all day long about the fact that social media is a behavioral addiction with consequences as severe as substances like opioids and alcohol,” says TPPF’s Zach Whiting. “We could talk about the rise in self-harm, depression, and bullying brought on by this technology. But the fact of the matter is children are dying. There are families that are devastated, parents and siblings left reeling—all because of social media’s degrading influence on children.”

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What to know: China is boosting its defense spending, particularly on things crucial to a possible invasion of Taiwan.

The TPPF take: Even as the U.S. helps Ukraine, we must not forget that China is a real threat.

“With the strain of supplying Ukraine with weapons and China’s mounting belligerence, it would be prudent to conduct a defense industrial base mobilization exercise and include Congress,” says TPPF’s Chuck DeVore. “America must seriously prepare to face gathering dangers not seen in 80 years.”

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