If you live in Austin, then you probably have a sense that property taxes are high. But do you know exactly how high? If not, the Travis County budget office has you covered.

According to the county’s new Budget-in-Brief, the average Travis County homeowner’s tax bill will reach almost $9,000 this year. That’s roughly $500 higher than last year.

The taxes paid this year are expected to look something like this: $4,623 to Austin ISD; $2,133 to the city of Austin; $1,330 to Travis County; $465 to the Austin Community College; and $392 to Central Health.

Source: Travis County

Since fiscal year 2016, the average Travis County homeowner’s tax bill has risen by more than $2,100 or by almost 32 percent. Which begs the question: Are you getting 32 percent more in services from your city, county, school district, and special districts?