A new statewide survey of 1,200 voters conducted by the University of Texas/Texas Tribune shows broad support for the Texas Model of limited government, low taxes and spending, and a sound civil justice system.

According to the poll, sixty percent of respondents agreed that other states should emulate how Texas state government looks and operates. Only 31 percent disagreed.

An exact breakdown is as follows: 

Generally speaking, the way state government runs in Texas serves as a model for other states to follow.

  • Strongly agree: 29 percent
  • Somewhat agree: 31 percent
  • Somewhat disagree: 13 percent
  • Strongly disagree: 18 percent
  • Don’t know: 8 percent

The poll goes on to cover other areas, i.e. the economy, immigration, the Tea Party; but this revelation in particular, that a majority of Texans recognize the value and success of the Texas Model, is certainly the most encouraging bit.