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Is the Sky Really Falling? Fact-Checking Claims about Parent Empowerment

Doom! That’s what Democrats and their allies in the media predict if Texas lawmakers empower parents to make the key decisions in their children’s educations. An “astroturf” group (that means fake grassroots) says parent empowerment is “morally unacceptable,” will replace Texas public education with “Christian Nationalism & Religious Fundamentalism,” and ultimately it’s all “designed to...

By Mandy Drogin
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K-12 Education

In lame-duck session, SBOE votes against options for parents

Outgoing members of the Texas State Board of Education met this week with the full board, and took a parting shot at parents—just weeks before a new, more conservative SBOE is sworn in. Rejecting the voters’ clear wishes on expanding parent empowerment and ensuring that families can make the educational decisions that work best for...

By Michael Barba

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