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Critical Race Theory

A Lone Star History Buff Takes On The Woke Revisionists

Legend says that when Texas Ranger Bill McDonald stepped off a train at the site of a town in turmoil (said to be caused by a pending prizefight) in the 1890s, the townspeople were aghast that their plea for help was answered only by him. He responded, “there’s just one prizefight, isn’t there?” That’s the origin...

By The Honorable Robert Henneke

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Energy & Environment

The Biden Admin Is Sacrificing Whales To ‘Save The Planet’

President Biden’s climate alarmist narratives are attempting to bury a harsh truth — that whales are dying in record numbers because of his green agenda. The administration’s newest proposed permit is set to allow foreign offshore wind companies to kill 42 whales, more than 2,500 dolphins and nearly 1,500 seals by conducting yet another survey for wind turbines off...

By The Honorable Jason Isaac
May 29, 2023

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