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Biden’s ‘less is more’ mantra demands sacrifice only from average Americans

The Biden administration can’t escape the blame for higher prices. And that’s why it must try to redirect voters’ anger. JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon mentioned “inflation” more than 20 times in his annual report to shareholders, released Monday. And he warned that the Federal Reserve’s response — raising interest rates to cool spending — could...

By The Honorable Robert Henneke

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Uproar Over Texas Divesting from BlackRock Shows ESG Activists’ Disdain for the Rule of Law

On March 19, Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) Chairman Aaron Kinsey issued a statement that the Texas Permanent School Fund (PSF), one of the largest and oldest education endowments in the country with over $53 billion in assets, was moving $8.5 billion from BlackRock to other asset managers. Chairman Kinsey noted in the statement...

By Brent Bennett, Ph.D., The Honorable Jason Isaac
April 10, 2024

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