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Texas Steps in to Fill Federal Border Security Gap

In the face of a historic border crisis due to the intentional reduction of federal immigration law enforcement, legislation has finally been passed in Texas to help fill the gap and better secure America’s southern border. Gov. Greg Abbott was expected to sign the bill on Friday, Sept. 17—as the crisis at the border intensifies,...

By Ken Oliver, Ciara Hall

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Energy & Environment

Joe Biden’s Climate Army is Coming

The climate army is coming.  Dissatisfied with the American people’s lack of concern for their issue du jour, self-righteous coastal elites are moving on from slick PR campaigns and headline-grabbing protests to deploy a legion of climate activists across the nation — paid for by your tax dollars, whether you like it or not.   President Joe Biden’s proposed Civilian Climate Corps (CCC) would be the biggest mobilization of government labor since the New Deal, a...

By The Honorable Jason Isaac
September 9, 2021

Newsom’s recall desperation – whopper on California taxes shows he’s in big trouble

California is a tax haven for the middle class? Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom made that risible claim during a Sacramento Bee editorial board meeting last month as he battles the Sept. 14 recall election. Newsom’s questionable boast came in response to a reporter who prefaced her question by noting that California has the nation’s “highest housing costs, highest...

By The Honorable Chuck DeVore, Lance Christensen
September 8, 2021

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Energy & Environment

Solar Mandates are Shady: The High Cost and Limited Benefits of Government-Driven Renewables

In recent years it has become fashionable to incorporate green energy solutions like solar wiring and electric vehicle charging stations in homes and buildings. California leads the way in the attempt to transition away from fossil fuels to renewable energy alternatives— with limited success — but the unintended financial consequences of these sanctimonious initiatives fall invariably...

September 1, 2021
Health Care

Declining Rates: ACA Marketplace Special Enrollment Period Will Fail to Hit its Mark

While President Trump cut the 2021 Obamacare open enrollment period (OEP) in half, President Biden has hastily invested in back-to-back enrollment periods, despite the stagnating Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s marketplace enrollment rates. This unwarranted overextension of time and fiscal resources is a testament to the government’s inability or, perhaps, refusal to acknowledge that...

June 16, 2021