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K-12 Education

On Parent Empowerment, the Houston Chronicle Gets it Backward

A recent Houston Chronicle editorial claims that empowering parents to choose their own children’s education (yes, including low-income parents) would upset the First Amendment’s Establishment clause. Sure, some schools with a religious focus can provide kids with a solid education, the editorial board admits. “But when it comes to the constitutional separation of church and...

By Mandy Drogin, Michael Barba

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Health Care

Pulling Back the Curtain on Pharmacy Benefit Managers

Prescription drugs are the difference between life and death for millions of Americans each day, yet their costs are far too often unaffordable. Heavily influencing these prices are Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs). These are the third-party middlemen who negotiate prescription drug rates with pharmaceutical manufacturers on behalf of insurance companies. Earlier this month, the Federal...

By David Balat, Noelle Collins
June 20, 2022
K-12 Education

State Board of Education Member Serves Unions, Not Moms on Waiting Lists

There’s something conspicuously absent from State Board of Education member Aicha Davis’s warmed-over critique of charter schools—the voices of the thousands of Texas families who are on waiting lists to get into them. Throughout this summer, families throughout the state will desperately await phone calls and emails informing them that a seat has opened up,...

By Emily Sass, Michael Barba
June 16, 2022

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Energy & Environment

The ‘ESG’ Scam Rates Slave-Using Chinese Firms Higher Than Clean American Energy Producers

Expecting publicly traded companies to do more than simply return shareholder value — their fiduciary responsibility — is a fairly new development in Western capitalism. The idea that corporate leadership and shareholders should explicitly care about environmental, social, and corporate governance (known as ESG) issues beyond how they might affect the bottom line has been...

June 28, 2022

California doubles down on failed homeless policies

California policymakers wholeheartedly demonstrated they remain wedded to their homelessness narrative—that the sole answer to homelessness is life-long, subsidized housing—despite the fact that this one-size-fits-all policy, called “Housing First,” has epically failed the Golden State and the nation. Pre-COVID-19 data shows California’s experiment with Housing First resulted in a 47.1 percent rise in unsheltered homelessness. But...

May 17, 2022