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Criminal Justice

In the Lawful Defense of Himself or the State: The Historical Underpinnings of the Second Amendment

While many have opinions on the right to keep and bear arms, few are knowledgeable about the history necessitating it. Key points: The Second Amendment is an individual right and can only be restricted in limited circumstances. This stems from a multi-century history of religious and class-based genocide extending hundreds of years prior to this...

By Derek M. Cohen, Ph.D.
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Public Safety

Gun Control Bill Would Create Instant Felons

It’s one thing to hear the gun-grabbing rhetoric coming out of Washington. But Texas? We knew that President Biden’s administration would be far less Second Amendment-friendly than the previous administration. At one point, Biden even promised to put Beto “Hell, yes, we’re going to take your AR-15” O’Rourke in charge of his administration’s gun policies....

By Derek M. Cohen, Ph.D.

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Energy & Environment

Wind Energy — and Media Spin — Failed Texas

As Texans are dealing with the aftermath of a harrowing week of blackouts, boil-water notices, and frigid temperatures, the finger-pointing has begun. Many of us, my colleagues in the Legislature included, are looking for someone, or something, to blame — understandably so. But we must move on from searching for a convenient scapegoat to understanding the truth of what happened and finding a solution for the systemic problems that led...

By State Rep. Jared Patterson, HD 106
February 24, 2021
Energy & Environment

ERCOT’s “Assessment of Resource Adequacy” Shows Blackout Almost Inevitable

See the second page of ERCOT’s latest reliability assessment. Under the top table describing the reserve margins, they have a table labelled “Range of Potential Risks.” Something between the 4th and 5th columns is what happened this week. Add 2,000 MW of demand above ERCOT’s adjustment here (they assumed a record of 67,200 MW) and 10,000...

By The Honorable Chuck DeVore
February 18, 2021

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