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K-12 Education

Redlining for the Woke: School Choice as an Antidote to Racism

When many on the left talk about “systemic racism,” they often cite redlining—the practice of segregating neighborhoods through mortgage restrictions and other tools—as one of most effective measures for keeping the races separate. Redlining, they contend, has resulted in worse economic and physical health for Black communities. But the left is fully on board with...

By Dr. Richard A. Johnson III, Ed.D.
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K-12 Education

Empower Texas Families with School Choice

Since the darkest days of the COVID-19 pandemic, 17 states started or extended school choice programs. Sadly, Texas is not one of them. While the Lone Star State is one of the country’s economically freest, it lags others in important areas, including parental control over children’s education. That must change. The 2023 legislative session presents...

By Alexander Salter

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