Josh Findlay

Josh Findlay serves as the Director of the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s national Election Protection Project.  Previously, he was the first-ever National Director of Election Integrity for the Republican National Committee, where he was responsible for building the organization’s national Election Integrity infrastructure, implementing the party’s first national issue reporting system and placing over 80,000 new citizens in election roles.

Election Integrity

Even In A Sacred House Of Worship, The Biden Administration Deceives About Voter Integrity

Against the backdrop of a sacred pulpit that was instrumental in the fight to secure the rights of democracy, the Biden Administration continued its pattern of deception about election integrity. On Sunday in Selma, Alabama, Attorney General Merrick Garland vowed to fight against popular, common-sense measures like voter ID laws and to challenge duly enacted legislation that...

March 12, 2024
Election Integrity

In Georgia And Elsewhere, Officials Sow Distrust In Elections By Dismissing Voters’ Integrity Concerns

Curling v. Raffensperger points to a growing lack of confidence in elections that stretches beyond Georgia and party lines. Election integrity advocates eagerly await the final verdict in a Georgia case about the security of the state’s voting machines. The decision would significantly affect the election procedures in this key state and beyond. Yet, regardless of...

March 4, 2024
Election Integrity

Radical transparency: The election revolution no one is talking about

Bucks County, Pennsylvania, previously fraught with concerns over its elections, just proved it is responding to the pleas of voters nationwide to further secure its ballot procedures. Since the 2020 election, the county has received complaints about late election returns, meaningful poll-watcher observation, processing absentee ballot envelopes and provisional ballots, ballot shortages, issues with e-poll...

November 30, 2023