Michele Steeb

Michele Steeb is a senior fellow with the Texas Public Policy Foundation and oversees the Foundation’s initiative to transform United States’ and Texas’ homelessness policy. She has spent her career in causes for the public good beginning with leadership roles in both federal and state senate campaigns.


I talked to two ex-homeless people about Newsom’s ‘investment’ in homelessness. Their answers will shock you

Newsom’s homelessness strategy leaves California in a shambles, but there may be hope   SAN FRANCISCO — As the cold fury of the January storms ripped through San Francisco’s Tenderloin district — the epicenter of the state’s drug and homelessness crisis — much of the trash and drug paraphernalia debris had washed away. But within minutes of...

February 6, 2023

Homelessness surges across the country. But Biden is sticking with same failed strategy.

The Biden administration’s assertion that by 2025, the United States will achieve a 25% reduction in homelessness is not only without precedent but also capriciously absurd. “All In” – the Biden administration’s new blueprint to reduce homelessness – is all wrong. Housing First, a policy experiment instituted by the Obama-Biden administration in 2013, grounds the plan. This approach...

January 17, 2023

California doubles down on failed homeless policies

California policymakers wholeheartedly demonstrated they remain wedded to their homelessness narrative—that the sole answer to homelessness is life-long, subsidized housing—despite the fact that this one-size-fits-all policy, called “Housing First,” has epically failed the Golden State and the nation. Pre-COVID-19 data shows California’s experiment with Housing First resulted in a 47.1 percent rise in unsheltered homelessness. But...

May 17, 2022