The Honorable Chuck DeVore

Chuck DeVore is the vice president of national initiatives at the Foundation. He writes about the economy and how energy, tax and regulatory policies influence general prosperity, and he frequently appears on Fox News. He also guides the Foundation’s growing national work in criminal justice reform. He authored the book The Texas Model: Prosperity in the Lone Star State and Lessons for America.

Election Integrity

Out Of The Ashes Of Government Censorship Rises A Swing-State Election Protection Project

The tumultuous nature of recent elections, particularly the 2020 presidential race, showcased the critical need for attention to election administration. In 2020, the Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF), along with writers at The Federalist, had their social media posts flagged, suppressed, and even censored by a government-nonprofit-industry taskforce supposedly designed to combat election “misinformation” from foreign powers....

November 10, 2023
Foreign Policy

The U.N. shames Israelis for evacuating Palestinians – while Hamas uses the innocent as human shields. When will the world see that these vicious terrorists – not Israel – are Gaza’s worst enemy?

Israel is pleading with more than one million Palestinian civilians to flee Gaza City. The vile terrorists in control of that doomed metropolis are telling innocent people to stay put. Hamas has used the Palestinian people as pawns for decades. It’s no surprise they’re now using them as human shields. On Thursday, the Israeli Defense Forces, massing 360,000...

October 16, 2023